Episode 33 - My Animal director Jacqueline Castel

Episode 32 - My Animal director Jacqueline Castel
September 5th 2023

Filmmaker Jacqueline Castel joins us to talk about her feature debut My Animal, which unites Amandla Stenberg and Bobbi Salvör Menuez in a haunting, queer werewolf story set in a small town in Northern Ontario. A veteran music video director best known for her many collaborations with Sacred Bones artists like Zola Jesus and Pharmakon along with musician-directors such as Jim Jarmusch and John Carpenter, Castel speaks about the elements that aligned to make her first film possible. We get into casting, linking up with screenwriter Jae Matthews of Boy Harsher, scouting the perfect eerie town, shooting the breathtaking moon photography, and the unexpected fitness documentary that influenced the film.

My Animal trailer & screenings
Jacqueline Castel website
My Animal opens in select theaters Sept. 8 and is available to buy on digital Sept. 15

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