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Screen Slate is a listings, publishing and curatorial platform dedicated to promoting awareness and accessibility of moving image culture. Its core activities consist of manually compiling and publishing a thorough calendar of New York City's daily independent, repertory, experimental, and artist-focused film and video screenings and exhibitions; publishing related editorial content online and in print; and presenting public programs that spotlight overlooked or marginalized works, support emerging artists, and engage with issues central to its community. Screen Slate is also popularly associated with its "Screen Slate Daily" email list, which sends daily listings and commentary every morning to more than 4,100 subscribers 365 days a year.

Screen Slate is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization under the direction of founder Jon Dieringer. Since its launch in February 2011, it has established itself as a leading resource for connecting audiences, artists, filmmakers, programmers, curators, and venues across the film and media art worlds.

“[Nonprofit cinemas] all are acutely aware of existing within a larger and growing ecosystem that often thrives on collaboration. … Websites like Screen Slate offer comprehensive guides.”
Dennis Lim, The New York Times
“As New York’s arthouse and repertory scene heats up, more and more cinephiles have come to rely on Screen Slate. It's an invaluable website ... easy to use, and absurdy thorough.”
Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice
“An indelible resource for New York City cinephiles.”
Carolyn Lazard, The Brooklyn Rail
“When I die I want to go to Screen Slate. But, like Susan Hayward, I want to live… and still get Screen Slate delivered every morning, which, amazingly, I do. It’s not only stone informative, but consoling and inspiring, and makes you think there’s hope for New York.”
Richard Hell

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Screen Slate lists repertory, experimental and single-screen limited release/one-off-screening independent films alongside gallery shows and electronic art. This is inclusive of DIY events, basement shows, interactive media art, book signings, expanded cinema, director/artist talks, and panel discussions. At this time to we generally do not list first-run indie films playing at more than one venue or events outside of the five boroughs except on rare case-by-case basis. We also do not list bar screenings; film-related trivia/bingo nights; student film showcases; screenings promoting special interest groups/NGOs; rental/four-wall screenings; screenings at luxury hotels, condos, event spaces, or other real estate development projects.

If you don’t see your event, venue, or organization listed, please get in touch.

For any submissions, please provide, as applicable: Event title, Movie title, Director, Year, Runtime, Venue name, Event date, Start time, and Link. Galleries should provide hours and start/end dates for exhibitions . A live web link is mandatory. (If nothing else, a Facebook event will suffice.) Please place this information clearly in the body of an email. We do not accept PDFs, flyer image attachments, or Word .docs. Due to our extremely limited volunteer staff we do not have the ability to follow up on incomplete listings submissions, events that are outside the scope of our listings policy, or events submitted with fewer than two weeks’ notice. Finally, please be aware that due to the nature of our extremely limited volunteer staff we do, on occasion, overlook things, and accept our apologies if we are unable to include your event.



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