Episode 17 - Nosferasta with Oba, Adam Khalil, and Bayley Sweitzer

Nosferasta with Oba, Adam Khalil, and Bayley Sweitzer
October 14th 2022

Artists Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer, and Oba, the brain trust behind Empty Metal, visit Screen Slate HQ to speak with Cosmo Bjorkenheim about their latest project, Nosferasta: First Bite. Currently showing at Someday Gallery through October 22 (on the heels of blockbuster screenings at MoMA and Triple Canopy), Nosferasta: First Bite is a radical anti-colonial reimagining of the vampire film with Oba in the title role.

On the pod we talk about Christopher Columbus as vampire-pirate, vampirism as time travel, the "vampiric arms race" with Robert Eggers’s Nosferatu remake, and why artist Michelangelo belongs in the Nosferasta cinematic universe. Halfway through the pod Oba—who happens to be Screen Slate HQ’s neighbor—gets a call that “The Godfather 4” is shooting outside and he has to move his car to avoid being towed. At that point Jon Dieringer hops on mic to co-host and speaks with Khalil & Sweitzer about their collaborative history, how the hierarchy of film sets can be reimagined, and Khalil’s work with New Red Order and more.

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