Episode 20 - Skinamarink director Kyle Edward Ball

Episode 20 - Skinamarink director Kyle Edward Ball
January 12th 2023

Five years ago Kyle Edward Ball started making short horror videos inspired by people’s nightmares and posting them on YouTube. His debut feature Skinamarink—shot for just $15,000 in his childhood home in Edmonton, Canada—was the breakout hit of last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, and came from seemingly out of nowhere to become one of the most anticipated upcoming horror films.

Ahead of Skinamarink’s nationwide theatrical opening this Friday, Ball joined the Screen Slate pod over Zoom to talk about getting started as a filmmaker, developing his aesthetic, the YouTube analog horror movement, and how strongly the film has managed to resonate with audiences even before its release.

Skinamarink trailer
Bitesized Nightmares
Heck (Skinamarink proof-of-concept short)

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