Screen Slate Presents: The Medium is the Massacre

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"The Medium is the Massacre is a series of filmic and televisual terrors that surveys the way horror filmmakers and artists have exploited various media to mine the ruptures created by technological advances in production, transmission, reception, and communication through the media of film, television, video games, and the internet. The guiding principle of their selection is that terror is rooted in the very media themselves, whether at the fringes of the frames, as spectres in the signal, or embedded in the ethernet. It dials between classics like Poltergiest, international cult gems Arrebato and Anguish, arthouse provocations such as Videodrome and Demon Seed, and recent fare like desktop horror film Unfriended. Each are paired with artists videos and experimental films mining similar conceptual areas by testing the limits of their media through strategies like optical printing, glitch, screen capture performance, film-video hybridization, reappropriation, video synthesis, and early digital animation to evoke the unknown, uncanny, and horrific; in many cases, these works inflict violence on media to inversely expose or foreground the latent powers with which they envelop their recipient." —Jon Dieringer