St. Clair Bourne

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"St. Clair Bourne, Harlem-born and Brooklyn-bred, was a towering figure in the documentary film world: a filmmaker, writer, activist, teacher and organizer. Bourne passed away in 2007, yet his body of work, an essential chronicle of African-American life, and influence is enough for many lifetimes. In honor of his 75th birthday, Metrograph pays tribute to Bourne’s legacy, from his early days as a producer, director and cameraman for the pioneering series Black Journal (alongside colleagues Lou Potter, William Greaves, Kent Garrett and Madeline Anderson) to the founding of the Black Documentary Collective (BDC), and the journal Chamba Notes. Screenings include selections from a career dedicated to portraying what was ignored by mainstream media representation, along with work from a number of the many filmmakers Bourne mentored, films on which he assisted, and many other projects that came to fruition due to Bourne’s engagement, ingenuity and passion."-Metrograph