Show & Tell (June)

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"Each of our quarterly calendars contains hundreds of films and videos all grouped into a number of series or categories. Along with preservation screenings, theatrical premieres, thematic series, and retrospectives, we’re equally dedicated to presenting work by individuals operating at the vanguard of non-commercial cinema. Each month we showcase at least one such program, focusing on moving-image artists who are emerging, at their peak, or long-established but still prolific. These programs are collected under the rubric SHOW & TELL, to emphasize the presence of the filmmakers at each and every program.

"This calendar features visits from Madison Brookshire, a Los Angeles-based artist whose work eschews photographed imagery and often incorporates a live performative element; acclaimed experimental filmmaker Henry Hills, whose screening will showcase three brand-new pieces that demonstrate how unpredictable and versatile his work remains; and Jerome Hiler, who will present two separate programs of his delicate and breathtakingly beautiful 16mm films." —Anthology