The Romanians: 30 Years of Cinema Revolution

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The execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu on Christmas Day, 1989, was a cataclysmic event in world history. As the country uneasily adopted its new freedom, its filmmakers responded –– to international acclaim. This series, celebrating 30 years of the post-Ceausescu cinema, widens the focus with a selection of 30 films: from the early 90s, when directors were finally free to look clearly at the Communist era, through the exciting years of the Romanian New Wave, to the current decade, with diverse and new talent still emerging.

Organized by the Making Waves Film Festival and Cinema Projects. Produced by Corina Suteu and Oana Radu, and curated by Mihai Chirilov, David Schwartz (Cinema Projects), and Corina Suteu. Support from The Trust for Mutual Understanding, Romanain Filmmakers Union, Dacin Sara and The Romanian National Film Center, Blue Heron Foundation, and individuals.