Road to Nowhere at Nitehawk Williamsburg

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Road trip? Where are we going? What’s the purpose of our trip? Wait, is it legal?

Nevermind. I call shotgun! Pile in for six distinct journeys where maps are useless and best laid plans can and will lead you off the road to dangerous places. The simple delivery of a beautiful Dodge Challenger becomes a speed fueled, radio DJ guided trip in the car chase classic VANISHING POINT. You never know who you may cross paths with when traveling and hopefully you’ll have the ability to react and handle where the situation is taking you. You will be put to the test in Matthew Bright’s FREEWAY (35mm). The Driver, The Mechanic, The Girl, The GTO. Add them all together and you have Monte Hellman’s minimalist masterpiece TWO-LANE BLACKTOP (35mm). It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse played out on the Australian highways in the Ozsploitation Horror Thriller ROAD GAMES (35mm). Kick start your chopper, make sure the gas tank cap is on tight and let’s roll into the culturally shifting USA of 1969 in Dennis Hopper’s EASY RIDER as we celebrate it’s 50th anniversary. A late night hitchhiker pick up and shared dark pasts lead to a late night juggernaut of violence and carnage in Greg Araki’s notorious 90s classic THE DOOM GENERATION (35mm).

Buckle up and happy motoring down The Road To Nowhere.