Pop Star Vehicles: From Stage to Screen at Nitehawk Cinema

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Picture this; you’ve sold millions of records, sold out stadium tours, completely conquered pop culture changing it and making it your own in the process. Where can you go from there?

The movies naturally. Madonna just two years removed from gracing the cover of Time Magazine continued her strong path to world domination with her fifth feature film WHO’S THAT GIRL (35mm). Jennifer Lopez solidified her successful leap from TV to film turning in a fine, iconic performance in Gergory Nava’s SELENA. After the huge impact of the PURPLE RAIN film and soundtrack, Prince jet sets to the French Riviera in this rare 35mm screening of UNDER THE CHERRY MOON. A known master of image reinvention David Bowie was a natural fit to the world created by Jim Henson in 1985’s LABYRINTH.

Hitch your wagon to these stars and jump on board! Hold on tight because we’ve got a rapid ascent ahead of us.