Philippe Garrel: Part 2

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"“The child of Cocteau and Godard” (Rivette), “the proverbial underrated genius” (Assayas), Philippe Garrel began making films at sixteen, fired by a mythopoetic vision and a political fervor that crested and crashed in May ’68, whose turmoil he filmed in the long-lost, newly discovered Actua 1, and decades later re-created from memory in Regular Lovers. Garrel’s reflective films draw heavily on his autobiography—the women in his life, including the chanteuse Nico, his companion for a crucial decade-long interlude; his addictions and inner turmoil; a family of politically-engaged artisans, incorporating as actors father Maurice, son Louis and most-recently daughter Esther, alongside comrades Jean-Pierre Léaud, Anne Wiazemsky, Pierre Clémenti and Zouzou. This retrospective, the most complete yet in the United States will provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience fifty years of work from cinema’s foremost poet."-Metrograph