Party Like It's 1999 at Nitehawk Cinema

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We were all in a pretty weird head space back in ’99. News and politics were a big dumb circus, work sucked, we were pretty sure computers were going to kill us. The kids weren’t all right; couldn’t even do Woodstock without burning it down (then again, it was 100 degrees and water cost $4). Seemed like Prince was right: the party was just about over, so best enjoy it while it lasts.

Throughout 2019, Nitehawk will be looking back to the films of 1999 – a true golden era for film-going. From the indies right on up to summer blockbusters, studios offered up a huge range of smart features that questioned authority, defied good taste and buzzed with energy; a slate of films that serves as a handy guide for navigating our own gloomy, anxious age.