'Mozart in Love' and the Cinema of Mark Rappaport

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As a follow-up to our 2011 retrospective devoted to the extraordinary and still under-recognized career of Mark Rappaport, Anthology premieres the George Eastman Museum’s new preservation of MOZART IN LOVE (1975). Unavailable at the time of our earlier series, MOZART IN LOVE is a typically ambitious and stylized film that, in the manner of so many of Rappaport’s films, conforms neither to mainstream cinematic conventions nor to familiar art-film or experimental modes. A kind of homegrown Straub/Huillet film, with infusions of disarming humor and unapologetic campiness, MOZART IN LOVE is an irreverent and highly unorthodox film about “high” culture, even as it’s infused with a genuine devotion to the music and culture of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Since it’s been almost a decade since we last shined the spotlight on Rappaport’s work, we’ll be contextualizing MOZART IN LOVE with screenings of an additional seven of his feature films, all of which demonstrate his unique approach to narrative filmmaking, as well as his pioneering of a genre wherein Hollywood icons (such as Rock Hudson and Jean Seberg) come back to life to bear witness to their own lives and careers.

Special thanks to Mark Rappaport, as well as to Olivia Arnone & Liana Kroll (George Eastman Museum), Emilie Cauquy (Cinémathèque française), and Katie Trainor (MoMA).