Mohsen Makhmalbaf x 2

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"As an angry young man in open rebellion against the Shah of Iran’s regime, Mohsen Makhmalbaf boycotted going to the movies because of what he regarded as their duplicitous trade in false dreams. As an adult who’d done hard time for his activism, and as an artist still vitally engaged in the tumultuous political life of his native country, Makhmalbaf would come to make films that, while proudly drawing on and fed by a connection to the history of the nation’s narrative cinema, sought new and ingenious ways to deconstruct the duplicity of the fictional conceit, in the process revealing a side of Iran and its people rarely seen on screen. Through his long, intrepid, and questing career, Makhmalbaf has firmly established himself as one of the giants of New Iranian Cinema, possessed of a rule-breaking, barrier-busting approach to film art evidenced in two of his finest and most daringly defiant films."-Metrograph