M. Nite Midnites at Nitehawk Cinema

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At age 29, Indian-American director Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan burst onto the Hollywood scene with nothing but a cool nickname and a Twilight Zone touch. His supernatural chiller about a kid with a ghost problem, THE SIXTH SENSE, floored audiences world-wide and made M. Night the new crowned King of Suspense. Roger Ebert called Shyamalan “a born filmmaker,” praise that he lived up to with a dynamite pair films: the somber comic book thriller UNBREAKABLE, and the suffocating sci-fi piece SIGNS.

Here’s the twist (you knew one was coming): from a bog of blockbuster busts, M. Night emerged with SPLIT, a tightly wound cousin to UNBREAKABLE and a thrilling return-to-form that left audiences shook. M. Night’s still got the touch, and to mark release of GLASS, his newest film that closes the loop on the UNBREAKABLE trilogy, Nitehawk looks back on the strongest works of M. Night Shyamalan at an hour that seems most fitting.