Kurt Russell: It's All in the Reflexes

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"Kurt Russell is the platonic ideal of a macho American movie star: lantern jaw, dimpled chin, heroic bouffant… the works. The pleasure of Russell’s filmography is that he doesn’t shy away from this fact, but embraces it, goofs around with it. He can play the epitome of grim, tough-guy bravado, as he does in Carpenter’s Escape films, or a parody of the same, as when putting on his John Wayne burlesque in Big Trouble in Little China, pulling it all off through a God-given gift of comic timing that often goes unnoticed because it’s so effortless. (And he has depths of pathos, too! The man really is the total package!) Bottom line: Kurt Russell is the greatest and everybody basically knows this, so we’re running a bunch of Kurt Russell movies. It’s just that simple. So hop on the Pork Chop Express, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime." —Metrograph