Jean-Claude Carrière

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"He has taken on Flaubert and Shakespeare and the lives of Danton and Van Gogh, an ancient epic Sanskrit poem and the Biblical word of God. Over more than 65 years—and counting—Jean-Claude Carrière has written nearly 150 screenplays in collaboration with some of postwar cinema’s most iconoclastic filmmakers, among them Luis Buñuel (six late-period masterworks, including Belle de Jour), Louis Malle (The Thief of Paris and May Fools), Milos Forman (The Nail Clippers, Taking Off, and Valmont), Jean-Luc Godard (Every Man for Himself), Andrzej Wajda (Danton), Nagisa Oshima (Max Mon Amour), Peter Brook (The Mahabharata and La tragédie de Carmen), and Jonathan Glazer (Birth). He is also a novelist, librettist, and cultural thinker, and the only non-US screenwriter to receive lifetime achievement awards from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Writers Guild."