Godard x 2

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"Jean-Luc Godard’s run of freewheeling filmmaking in the 1960s, slicing through the middle of that tumultuous decade, didn’t just have a wide-reaching impact on the cinema—it seemed to be searching for a new audio-visual language necessary to describe the modern world to itself, mapping out the dynamic dimensions of a Paris that was both eternal and in-the-moment, a shiny city of pinball machines, jukeboxes, commodified young love, and the accumulated detritus of several hundred years of western civilization. Metrograph screens two peaks of the period, Two or Three Things I Know About Her..., a sweeping indictment of commodified contemporary life, and Masculin Féminin, a “Ye-Ye” pop comedy. To watch and re-watch these films is to experience an artform in the process of reinvention and discovery, and as such these movies are forever young, forever vital, and forever urgently demanding revival. In short: Toujours Godard!"—Metrograph