Girlie Night

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"Girlie Night celebrates the much-loved but often neglected genre of Slumber Party Movies. You know, the ones where you rewind an awesome kiss and watch it five times while sighing deeply or squeal with your friends when the boy and girl finally get together like you NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN (even though you've seen the movie a thousand times).

"At Girlie Night, you can swoon and squee without shame.

"Seriously. We've fangirled along with everything from '80s classics like DIRTY DANCING and PRETTY IN PINK, to '90s teen romps like CLUELESS and EMPIRE RECORDS, all the way up to more recent favs like MEAN GIRLS and AMELIE -- and oh so many more. Plus, we've always got special cocktails, so you can feel totally classy and fabulous while watching your favorite movies with an audience that appreciates those swoon-worthy moments just as much as you do." —Alamo Drafthouse