Gaumont: Cinéma pour tout le monde

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"For over 120 years, film has been an integral part of modern life. Throughout its evolution, the cinematic experience has embraced advancements in accessibility and collective appreciation. The medium has thrived precisely because it is a popular art form, with its prominent commercial branch still drawing millions to collective viewing experiences around the globe. Founded at the dawn of cinema, the French production company Gaumont has been home to many firsts, from new projection technology to the first woman director. One constant has been a fervent embrace of and respect for the movie-loving public. Producers of classic comedies, thrilling policiers, pioneering serials, and auteurist masterworks, the studio has thrived through wars, technological and economic upheaval, and repeated pronouncements of the death of film by placing its faith in a simple concept: cinema is for everyone. This summer we present highlights and discoveries from Gaumont's rich and essential catalog." —MoMA