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"'Seize your audience by the balls as soon as the credits hit' was Sam Fuller’s advice to young filmmakers, and the two-fisted writer-director practiced what he preached. He was a crude, salty, savage, and often sublime street fighter-auteur, translating his experiences as a New York crime reporter and combat soldier into a florid, pulpy filmography that, in its very coarseness, captured something essential at the heart of the lunatic American Republic—a country that Fuller loved in exact proportion to the degree that he understood its underlying neuroses, which explode onto the screen throughout his body of work. Fuller passed on in 1997, having lived more and harder than ten ordinary men, and his legacy is remembered by daughter Samantha in her documentary A Fuller Life, which she will introduce in person at Metrograph, an honor to be accompanied by a sidebar selection of Fuller’s most fearsome works."-Metrograph