Flaherty NYC: "To Feel, To Feel More, To Feel More Than"

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"The future remains uncertain, but the past persists. The abundance, excess, and indulgence of images, and access to information that simultaneously leaves us sick, overwhelmed, and uneasy, also brings us further away from oblivion. Despite the fiction of borders, race, gender, and time that many would have us maintain through both overt violence and covert forms of soft power, our interconnection to each other—the continuum of care that brings us together across generations—is visible through the ways we commit to each other through our screens. 

"This program, developed as a final output of the Flaherty NYC programming team comprised of Alia Ayman, Devon Narine Singh, and Suneil Sanzgiri, looks at how media ecosystems, digital detritus, and cultural memory are navigated across boundaries, identities, and history. Can remembrance fix a broken world? If not only by an act of saving the memories from being encompassed by that world, but acting as beginnings for other possibilities?From children’s drawings collected by Frantz Fanon during the Algerian war, sci-fi allegories on toxicity, swimming, and e-waste, to a 1908 film effectively envisioning our obsessions with Zoom calls and Snapchat filters, these films question the human, our relationship to the natural world, to time, to technology, and to each other. Our title comes from a passage from Fred Moten’s Black and Blur, which asks if anything still remains of the human, and how we might enact that remainder."