The Films of José Luis Guerín

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"Few contemporary filmmakers have demonstrated such a delight in ranging freely across cinematic modes and forms as Guerín. Though working mostly in feature-length filmmaking, he has shown little interest in narrative conventions. While his most famous film, IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA, is ostensibly a fictional narrative, it is at its heart an impressionistic essay on the act of looking (and by extension, filming), a quality confirmed by its frankly experimental companion film, SOME PHOTOS IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA, which tells very nearly the same story predominantly by means of still photographs. INNISFREE, TRAIN OF SHADOWS, and WORK IN PROGRESS are nonfiction films whose formal dexterity and highly personal nature renders them impossible to pigeon-hole: at times resembling straight documentaries, they variously extend into the realm of essay filmmaking and avant-garde experimentation." —Anthology Film Archives