Film Diary NYC 3: Coldest Winter

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"Welcome to Film Diary Vol. 3: Coldest Winter

"In this program you will find the personal and the poetic... There are diary films in the pure Jonas Mekas sense of diary, and there are diary films that re-interpret what diary means; there are home movies; there are “personal documentaries;” and there are films that are all of these things at once. There are even films with auto-fictional elements. The common thread is that these are intimate, autobiographical objects pulled from the filmmakers’ own souls, and presented with experimental, first-person approaches.

"Entering our third festival, it’s beautiful to see how organically this has grown, and the many different ways artists have been innovating and pushing expanded definitions of diary into the future. This year’s lineup is composed of work from every continent except Antarctica, from a diverse and intergenerational group of emerging and established filmmakers.

"It is with heavy hearts we offer this program amid such an atrocious moment for humanity. A film festival does nothing to stop a genocide so we urge everyone attending these screenings to continue mobilizing for Palestine. To the filmmakers, thank you for trusting us with your work. To our collaborators, thank you for believing in this project and opening your doors to us.

"Sage Ó Tuama and Saint Piñero

"FILM DIARY NYC programs experimental non-fiction films that capture the personal history and daily experiences of the filmmaker and the world they encounter. Through an annual festival and ongoing special events, we provide a platform for the most heartfelt but most overlooked cinema: diary films, home movies, and personal documentary. Organized by Saint Piñero and Sage Ó Tuama." —Film Diary NYC