Everything Was Now: "1968" Circa 1968

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"No twenty movies can truly evoke the mass delusion called “1968.” (“What’s happening?” was the question of the day.) But these films, each in its own way, is an attempted report from the front—not just Paris, Prague and the U.S., but Italy, Japan, and Vietnam. Taken as a binge they provide a taste of the era’s strange brew, a heady sci-fi concoction of TV violence, Third World warfare, generational megalomania, druggy disengagement, imaginary liberated zones, whiplash changes, and the fearfully hoped-for collapse of social norms. Or, put another way, each of these movies secretly believes that life is a movie, and seeks to represent chaos through the surprisingly widespread reinvention of film form. Programmed and notes by J. Hoberman."—Metrograph