Eat the Rich at Nitehawk Cinema

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Nitehawk Cinema here with an important message to those voting in the New York Democratic Primary on April 28: evil, blood-drinking, billionaire space lizards are looking for permanent control over our political system. Please do not let it happen.

With this absolutely 100% true fact in mind, we have put together a month’s worth of deprogramming for April called EAT THE RICH 2020. Seven terrible tales to teach you the many – mostly violent – ways to survive our current neo-feudal hellworld.

At Nitehawk Williamsburg: The adopted son of blue-bloods discovers that his family are members of an elite club of mutant sex monsters in SOCIETY; a violent insurrection erupts on a train that houses the last remains of humanity in SNOWPIERCER; a yuppie banker gets his rocks off killing prostitutes in AMERICAN PSYCHO; a telemarketer cons his way into the twisted ranks of high society in SORRY TO BOTHER YOU; a woman solves Hong Kong’s rent crisis by carving up wealthy tenants in DREAM HOME; a homeless man takes a job as a guide on a hunting trip only to find that he’s meant to be prey for his patrons in SURVIVING THE GAME; and an Austrian princess relishes her position as Queen of France, unaware she would be the nation’s last in MARIE ANTOINETTE.

Also, for one nite only, the brain-damaged crew of CHAPO TRAP HOUSE join us to discuss the nefarious plot to redevelop Toon Town in the ani-noir classic WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

And over at Nitehawk Prospect Park: A group of aristocrats turn savage when they’re unable to leave a lavish dinner party in Luis Buñuel’s THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL; Director Barbara Kopple provides a bruising look inside a bloody miner’s strike in the Oscar winning documentary HARLAN COUNTY, USA; and John Carpenter’s sci-fi allegory of control and deceit in modern capitalism in THEY LIVE.