Directed by Dennis Hopper

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"That Dennis Hopper was a once-in-a-generation talent as a screen actor, by turns feral and frightening or disarmingly tender, is an established fact. He has still yet to get his due, however, as a director with a coherent, self-critical, and continually-developing vision, his body of work an ongoing study in civilization’s discontents and the harsh wages of opt-out rebellion, from the biker-smugglers of Easy Rider to the showfolk and tribesmen of The Last Movie, from Linda Manz’s adolescent punkette in Out of the Blue to the ‘80s LA gang wars of Colors, and to a final engagement with the world of noir grifters and drifters in The Hot Spot. To accompany our run of Along for the Ride, Metrograph showcases this small, vital pack of films, each of which burns with their creator’s celebrated intensity, even when he isn’t on screen."-Metrograph