The Digital Nightmares of Damon Packard

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"Damon Packard’s films are a singular experience, a genre unto themselves in a way that few filmmakers can achieve. Working with low budgets and limitless ambition, Packard has crafted some of the most visceral, hilarious, and abrasive films of the last few decades. Littered with breakneck pop culture references, glitchy editing, nightmarish sound design, and mind-bending special effects, Packard’s films feel like the cinematic equivalent of a late-night panic attack.

"This October, Spectacle is proud to present PART 1 of a small retrospective of his films, leading up to PART 2 in November with the ~New York Premiere~ of his new four-year-in-the-making magnum opus FATAL PULSE aka NIGHT PULSE aka UNTITLED YUPPIE THRILLER – which will screening alongside SPACEDISCO ONE, TALES OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, and FOXFUR. Throw your brain in a blender and tumble down the wormhole with us."