Christmas at Metrograph

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"Times may change but our fondness for the holiday season is immutable. Metrograph showcases a range of the finest yuletide masterpieces, from visually impeccable American classics to quintessential French favoritesA time for reflection, a time when the normal rules of conduct are dangerously suspended. A time for celebration and, if you happen to be on the outside of that celebration, for seasonal depression. All of the above are at play in Metrograph’s holiday program, which explores the many sides of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: We’ve got same-sex road trip trysts, tinsel-strewn erotic odysseys, the pathos of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” a heaping helping of serious suicidal ideation, some rather impressive topiary sculptures, and just about everything short of a partridge in a pear tree.."-Metrograph