The Chelsea Girls Exploded

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"In celebration of the new publication Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls and the ongoing Warhol film digitization project, The Andy Warhol Museum and The Museum of Modern Art present The Chelsea Girls Exploded, an exhibition of Warhol’s double-screen masterpiece and the films that went into the making of his epic vision of the New York underground scene, all presented in new high-quality digital film transfers. Never-before-seen films and other related material shot by the artist are shown in context with one another to illuminate the artist’s filmmaking process, which was radical and unprecedented in the summer of 1966 and still resonates today. The exhibition features in-person appearances by Warhol stars Randy Bourscheidt and Patrick Fleming; 10 premieres, including The Trip, The John, Their Town (Toby Short), and The Pope Ondine Story; and two special 16mm screenings of The Chelsea Girls." —MoMA