Burt Reynolds

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"In an appreciation of Burt Reynolds and his “easygoing, laissez-faire attitude” filed on the occasion of the release of his directorial debut, Gator, the Village Voice’s Molly Haskell wrote of Reynolds: “He is playful and quizzical, with the ability of a Fred Astaire or a Rock Hudson to deflect attention from himself to the woman beside him; he has the confidence of someone who’s physically there.” Reynolds, one of the great box offce superstars of the 1970s following his breakthrough in Deliverance, was possessed of a screen presence defined by lightness of touch and twinkling bemusement, a feisty flirt who could get tough when the occasion demanded. It’s too easy to be underappreciated when you make it look as easy as Burt does—and as he returns to the screen in The Last Movie Star, we’ve put together an assembly of some of his best blithe, breezy work in front of and behind the camera."-Metrograph