The Associates and Aldrich

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"Robert Aldrich (“Le Gros Bob” to his French admirers) was a big guy, and he made fierce, combative movies that packed a punch. Arguably the least appreciated of any certifiable giant of American cinema, the stubbornly-independent, utterly uncompromising Aldrich excelled in every possible genre, and created a few of his own along the way. His restless, bucking, rambunctious films breathe fury at the smothering power structure, and for his protagonists there is always a fight to be waged, on a football field or in a war zone, in a Hollywood living room or a government bunker. Ideals aren’t abstracts for Aldrich but something you have to go to the mat and bleed for, and he, like his complicated gallery of low-lives, outcasts and underdogs, walked it like he talked it.

Special Thanks to Haden Guest and Harvard Film Archives." - Metrograph