All of Them Witches at Nitehawk Cinema

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This October at Nitehawk, all of them (movies) are witches.

The dark and deadly history of witches has long been associated with women. Starting in Europe in the 1400s and thanks to the popular “how to spot a witch bible” Malleus Maleficarum and up through the Salem-Witch trials in late 15th century America, women were accused of witchcraft and punished, if not executed. Through the lens that cinema provides, film history has tackled the idea of witch and remolded the image through the horror genre. Maybe reinforcing stereotypes while also unpacking the lunacy of witchy fears, these movies make us, ultimately, fall in love with the season of the witch.

For our Halloween/October 2019 program, we explore the many different ways the witch has been manifested in movies (black hats, devotees to satan, misguided youth): from THE WIZARD OF OZ to cult classics Mario Bava’s BLACK SUNDAY and Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA to modern favorites like THE CRAFT, HOCUS POCUS and PRACTICAL MAGIC.