On the Air: Artist Television

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ON THE AIR: ARTIST TELEVISION is a new, ongoing series that presents works made by artists for broadcast television, curated by Ava Tews.

The launch of the series coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Public Broadcasting Act in November of 1967, the law that established public television in the U.S. and created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This ongoing survey will showcase experiments undertaken by artists and visionary producers beginning in the late 1960s at public television stations like WGBH in Boston, KQED in San Francisco, and WNET in New York. The series will also unearth television experiments and other broadcast interventions from around the world. Rather than a video art survey, or a series of films that feature television imagery or the manipulation of CRT monitors, this project will showcase work created by artists explicitly for over-the-air broadcast on television to a public audience.