Revival Run

June 26th 2019 - July 18th 2019

Classics and rediscoveries back on the big screen.

Upcoming Screenings

  • Paris Is Burning
    Jennie Livingston199178 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Wednesday Jun 2612:30pm3:40pm5:20pm7:10pm8:15pm9:30pm
      • Thursday Jun 271:00pm3:00pm5:20pm7:10pm8:10pm9:30pm
      • Friday Jun 2812:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Saturday Jun 2912:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Sunday Jun 3012:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Monday Jul 112:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Tuesday Jul 212:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Wednesday Jul 312:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
      • Thursday Jul 412:30pm4:20pm8:10pm9:50pm
  • Before Stonewall
    Robert Rosenberg and Greta Schiller198487 minDCP
    • Quad Cinema
      • Wednesday Jun 261:00pm3:00pm5:00pm7:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Jun 271:00pm3:00pm5:00pm7:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Jun 281:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Saturday Jun 291:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Sunday Jun 301:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Monday Jul 11:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Tuesday Jul 21:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Wednesday Jul 31:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
      • Thursday Jul 41:00pm3:00pm4:55pm6:50pm8:45pm
  • Do the Right Thing
    Spike Lee1989120 min
    Featuring a brand new 4K DCP (screenings before 4pm only) and a brand new 35mm print (screenings after 6pm).
    • BAM
      • Friday Jun 282:00pm4:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Saturday Jun 296:00pm8:30pm
      • Sunday Jun 302:00pm4:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Monday Jul 14:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Tuesday Jul 24:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Wednesday Jul 34:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
      • Thursday Jul 44:30pm7:00pm9:30pm
  • The Big Lebowski
    Joel Coen1998117 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jun 282:40pm7:20pm
      • Saturday Jun 293:45pm8:15pm
      • Sunday Jun 308:15pm
      • Monday Jul 112:30pm5:10pm9:40pm
      • Tuesday Jul 22:40am7:20pm
      • Wednesday Jul 35:10pm9:40pm
      • Thursday Jul 42:40pm7:20pm
  • Ishtar
    Elaine May1987107 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jun 2812:30pm5:10pm9:40pm
      • Saturday Jun 291:35pm6:05pm
      • Sunday Jun 303:20pm
      • Monday Jul 12:50pm7:30pm
      • Tuesday Jul 212:30pm5:10pm9:40pm
      • Wednesday Jul 32:50pm7:30pm
      • Thursday Jul 412:30pm5:10pm9:40pm
  • Carmen Jones
    Otto Preminger1954105 minDCP
    Prior to the film, Donald Bogle, author of the definitive biography of Dandridge, will talk with Bruce Goldstein about his new book Hollywood Black: The Stars, the Films, the Filmmakers (a Turner Classic Movies book, published by Running Press).
  • Christ Stopped at Eboli
    Francesco Rosi1979220 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jul 122:30pm6:45pm
      • Saturday Jul 132:30pm6:45pm
      • Sunday Jul 142:30pm6:45pm
      • Monday Jul 152:30pm6:45pm
      • Tuesday Jul 162:30pm6:45pm
      • Wednesday Jul 172:30pm6:45pm
      • Thursday Jul 182:30pm6:45pm