Further Applied Fictions: New Films of Jean-Pierre Bekolo

March 2nd 2018 - March 29th 2018

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"Jean-Pierre Bekolo occupies a unique space in post-colonial African cinema. Twenty-five years since his exuberant debut QUARTIER MOZART, the Cameroonian director remains playfully genre-defying, conceptually inventive, and utterly unpredictable. Following the dystopian subversion of 2005’s LES SAIGNANTES and up-to-the-minute political-media discourse of 2013’s LE PRESIDENT (all of which were included in a full retrospective at Spectacle in 2013), he’s now traveled 150 years for the fascinating post-modern future of NAKED REALITY. Paired against LE PRESIDENT, which we’re bringing back, the two form a complex portrait of Africa today and into the future." —Spectacle

Past Screenings

  • Le President
    Jean-Pierre Bekolo201364 minDigital Video
    • Spectacle
      • Friday Mar 27:30pm
      • Sunday Mar 45:00pm
      • Friday Mar 1610:00pm
      • Wednesday Mar 217:30pm
      • Wednesday Mar 2810:00pm
  • Naked Reality
    Jean-Pierre Bekolo201662 minDigital Video
    • Spectacle
      • Thursday Mar 87:30pm
      • Tuesday Mar 137:30pm
      • Friday Mar 167:30pm
      • Monday Mar 197:30pm
      • Sunday Mar 257:30pm
      • Thursday Mar 2910:00pm