Visionary Form: Dressing up for the Screen

July 22nd 2016 - April 11th 2018

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"The most iconoclastic collaborations between great filmmakers and designers show how fashion and film can synthesize onscreen to rapturous results, adding dimensions of light, rhythm, performer personality, and the poetry of motion to the palette, texture, and geometry of costume. Every Sunday from January through March, with a special double feature during Fashion Week, Metrograph and M2M will be paying tribute to these high triumphs of style, drawing inspiration from actress-muses who transformed their wardrobe with their individual flair both onscreen and off, including Kim Novak, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, and the inimitable Katharine Hepburn."-Metrograph

Past Screenings

  • 2046
    Wong Kar-wai2004129 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Dec 182:00pm7:00pm
      • Friday Dec 303:00pm6:00pm
      • Saturday Dec 312:30pm5:30pm
      • Friday Mar 249:30pm
      • Saturday Mar 256:30pm
      • Saturday Mar 245:00pm
      • Sunday Mar 255:45pm
      • Monday Mar 264:30pm9:30pm
      • Tuesday Mar 274:30pm10:00pm
      • Monday Apr 22:30pm9:30pm
      • Tuesday Apr 310:00pm
      • Saturday Apr 78:00pm
      • Monday Apr 97:15pm
      • Tuesday Apr 105:00pm
      • Wednesday Apr 119:30pm
  • Blow-Up
    Michaelangelo Antonioni1966111 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Jul 221:00pm
      • Saturday Jul 2310:15pm
      • Thursday Jul 288:00pm
      • Sunday Feb 115:30pm
      • Tuesday Feb 279:30pm
      • Thursday Mar 13:45pm
  • Puzzle of a Downfall Child
    Jerry Schatzberg1970105 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Wednesday Jan 251:30pm7:00pm
      • Sunday Jan 214:30pm
      • Tuesday Jan 238:00pm
      • Wednesday Jan 248:00pm
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Jan 144:00pm
      • Wednesday Jan 174:30pm9:00pm
  • Lola
    Jacques Demy196190 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Feb 45:45pm
      • Tuesday Feb 612:30pm5:00pm9:15pm
  • Contempt
    Jean-Luc Godard1963103 minDCP
  • Notebook on Cities and Clothes
    Wim Wenders198981 minDCP
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Feb 253:00pm
      • Monday Feb 265:00pm
      • Wednesday Mar 79:00pm
  • Blue Velvet
    David Lynch1986121 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Mar 113:00pm10:00pm
      • Tuesday Mar 133:45pm9:30pm
      • Sunday Mar 253:30pm8:30pm
      • Tuesday Mar 2710:15pm
      • Wednesday Mar 282:00pm4:30pm10:15pm
  • Vertigo
    Alfred Hitchcock1958128 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Sunday Apr 13:00pm
      • Monday Apr 27:00pm
      • Wednesday Apr 47:45pm