Paul Thomas Anderson x 5

January 1st 2018 - January 25th 2018

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"In a career spanning a little over twenty years and eight features, Paul Thomas Anderson has established himself as one of a handful of working filmmakers for whom every new release feels like an event, the latest episode in an ongoing drama of artistic challenge, trial, and revelation. While audiences are discovering (and rediscovering) Anderson’s latest tightrope feat, Phantom Thread, we’d like to offer an opportunity to look back at the long, winding road that he’s travelled to this new pinnacle, from tough-minded character studies through gonzo romances through two serio-comic period pieces that offer a sinister secret history of the state of California."-Metrograph

Past Screenings

  • There Will Be Blood
    Paul Thomas Anderson2007158 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Monday Jan 14:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 24:00pm
      • Wednesday Jan 34:00pm
      • Thursday Jan 43:30pm7:00pm
  • Inherent Vice
    Paul Thomas Anderson2014148 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Jan 510:45pm
      • Saturday Jan 66:00pm9:00pm10:30pm
      • Sunday Jan 76:00pm9:00pm10:30pm
      • Monday Jan 81:00pm7:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 92:00pm
      • Friday Jan 193:45pm
  • Hard Eight
    Paul Thomas Anderson1996101 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Monday Jan 810:00pm
      • Wednesday Jan 105:45pm
      • Friday Jan 124:30pm10:00pm
      • Saturday Jan 135:00pm
  • Magnolia
    Paul Thomas Anderson1999188 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Saturday Jan 131:15pm
      • Monday Jan 153:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 168:30pm
      • Wednesday Jan 241:00pm6:30pm
  • Boogie Nights
    Paul Thomas Anderson1997155 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Monday Jan 221:30pm7:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 233:30pm8:30pm
      • Thursday Jan 251:00pm6:30pm