'Metaphors on Vision' Book Launch

October 3rd 2017 - October 12th 2017

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Fifty-four years after Stan Brakhage’s book METAPHORS ON VISION (1963) was published as a special issue of Film Culture magazine, Light Industry and Anthology Film Archives have joined forces to publish a facsimile of the original, George Maciunas-designed layout along with a corrected and amplified version including all of Brakhage’s initial editorial deletions and exhaustive notes by P. Adams Sitney, the volume’s original editor.

To celebrate the book’s republication, countless screenings and events will be taking place at cinemas and microcinemas around the world in the coming weeks and months. Here at Anthology we’ve chosen to mark the occasion by hosting Sitney for a very special program and lecture on Tuesday, October 3, and by offering a three-day series showcasing the complete cycle of Brakhage’s SONGS (31 films plus an added bonus), screening on their original 8mm format! Presentations of the complete cycle are impossibly rare, much less on 8mm, so these programs are not to be missed.

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