Screen Slate Presents: This is (Also) Mini DV

August 12th 2017 - August 30th 2017

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As a companion to it’s THIS IS MINI DV (ON 35MM) series running Aug. 11-22 at Anthology Film Archives, Screen Slate presents two must-see DV-lensed gems: Mary Bronstein’s micro-masterpiece Yeast and Shu Lea Cheang’s experimental cybernetic porn I.K.U., the first adult film to screen at Sundance.

Past Screenings

  • I.K.U.
    Shu Lea Cheang200074 minDigital Video
    • Spectacle
      • Saturday Aug 1211:55pm
      • Tuesday Aug 2210:00pm
      • Saturday Aug 2610:00pm
  • Yeast
    Mary Bronstein200878 minDigital Video
    • Spectacle
      • Saturday Aug 195:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 2410:00pm
      • Wednesday Aug 307:30pm