Scary Movies X @ FSLC

July 14th 2017 - July 20th 2017

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New York’s top horror festival—bringing you the genre’s best from around the globe—is back with a vengeance. This year’s tenth anniversary edition offers an exhilarating week of terrifying and gruesome shockers, featuring a host of hair-raising premieres and rediscoveries, guest appearances and giveaways. Occultism, zombie action, home invasions, survival thrillers, Victorian-era slashers, and creepy clowns are all on tap, in addition to films that play on the very human fears associated with sexual desire and motherhood. Our tenth birthday celebration also includes a quartet of delightfully nasty party-themed flicks from the 1970s and ’80s, and an evening with comedy legend Bob Balaban—who (in our book) is also a legend in the horror field.

Scary Movies X is sponsored by IFC Midnight, a leading distributor of genre entertainment.

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