April 14th 2017 - March 12th 2020

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"When the Quad Cinema debuted in 1972, Jonas Mekas wrote in his Village Voice 'Movie Journal' column, 'The fact that we have four movie theaters in one house [at the Quad] could eventually lead (with imaginative programming) to a screening situation with four different choices. For instance: a premiere opening of a Hollywood movie, a Hollywood ‘classic,’ a European (or South American) movie, and avant-garde (or independent) movie.'

"The Quad would go on to feature precisely this breadth of curation, screening movies across all genres and eras and nationalities in first-run, second-run, and repertory. For older moviegoers, this rotating, year-round series will hopefully serve as a reminder of halcyon decades of Quad viewing, and for younger cinephiles, offer a crash course on our rich history." —Quad

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