1968 On Screen

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"This extensive film series shines a spotlight on 1968 and the extraordinary political and social events that took place throughout the world in that most tumultuous year. Presented in concert with Metrograph, which will host screenings focusing on the May ’68 protests and their aftermath in France, “1968 On Screen” focuses its attention on events elsewhere. In the U.S. a seemingly society-wide upheaval manifested in various flashpoints such as the student occupation of Columbia University in April, the draft-card-burning by the Catonsville Nine in May, the protests and police riot that upended the Democratic Convention in Chicago in late August, and the ongoing activities of the Black Panthers, the Young Lords, and so many other radical groups. In Germany the student movement, or 68er-Bewegung, took shape; in Czechoslovakia the short-lived Prague Spring was brutally crushed by the Soviet invasion in August; and of course in Vietnam, war grinded on in the waning months of Johnson’s administration. Even these dramatic events were only the tip of the iceberg, with unrest, political ferment, and convulsive social transformations taking place throughout the world." —AFA