The Bong Show

October 5th 2019 - January 14th 2020

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Bong Joon Ho’s ability to unexpectedly and effortlessly blend genres and tones has put him at the forefront of international cinema. His smartly entertaining films—works of formal mastery with a humanist’s sensibility—deliver visceral thrills alongside charged sociopolitical critiques, putting gonzo spins and bloody twists on the police procedural and the monster movie, adventure sagas, and domestic melodramas. His skills have been on fierce display from his very first feature, the brilliantly cracked Barking Dogs Never Bite, to his widely celebrated latest, Parasite. In honor of that Palme d’Or–winning masterpiece, Film at Lincoln Center is pleased to present all of Bong’s features and a selection of shorts, plus a carte blanche of favorite films handpicked by the director himself and in person appearances to be confirmed.

Past Screenings

  • Parasite
    Bong Joon-ho2019131 min
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Saturday Oct 59:00pm
      • Monday Oct 76:00pm
      • Wednesday Oct 1612:30pm1:00pm1:15pm3:15pm3:45pm4:00pm6:00pm6:30pm6:45pm8:45pm9:15pm9:30pm
      • Thursday Oct 1712:30pm1:00pm1:15pm3:15pm3:45pm4:00pm6:00pm6:30pm6:45pm8:45pm9:15pm9:30pm
      • Friday Oct 1812:30pm1:00pm3:15pm3:45pm6:00pm6:30pm8:45pm9:15pm
      • Saturday Oct 1912:30pm1:00pm3:15pm3:45pm6:00pm6:30pm8:45pm9:15pm
      • Sunday Oct 2012:30pm1:00pm3:15pm3:45pm6:00pm6:30pm8:45pm9:15pm
      • Monday Nov 256:15pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Nov 2612:45pm3:30pm6:15pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Nov 2712:45pm3:30pm6:15pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 2812:45pm3:30pm6:15pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 291:00pm3:45pm6:30pm9:15pm
      • Saturday Nov 301:00pm3:45pm6:30pm
      • Sunday Dec 11:00pm3:45pm6:30pm9:15pm
      • Monday Dec 21:00pm3:45pm6:30pm9:15pm
      • Tuesday Dec 311:30am2:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Wednesday Dec 41:00pm3:45pm6:30pm9:15pm
      • Thursday Dec 51:00pm3:45pm6:30pm9:15pm
      • Friday Dec 69:40pm
      • Wednesday Dec 186:25pm9:05pm
      • Thursday Dec 1912:45pm3:30pm
      • Friday Dec 2012:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Saturday Dec 2112:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Sunday Dec 2212:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Monday Dec 2312:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Tuesday Dec 2412:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Wednesday Dec 2512:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Thursday Dec 2612:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Friday Jan 1012:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Saturday Jan 1112:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
      • Sunday Jan 1212:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:10pm
  • Memories of Murder
    Bong Joon-ho2003132 min
    New 4K Restoration
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Sunday Nov 245:30pm
      • Thursday Nov 282:00pm
      • Monday Dec 27:00pm
      • Tuesday Dec 31:15pm
      • Tuesday Jan 73:30pm
      • Wednesday Jan 86:00pm
      • Monday Jan 136:00pm
  • The Host
    Bong Joon-ho2006120 min35mm
  • Cure
    Kiyoshi Kurosawa1997110 min35mm
  • The Thing
    John Carpenter1982109 min35mm
  • Deliverance
    John Boorman1972109 min35mm
  • Mother
    Bong Joon Ho2009129 min35mm
  • Intentions of Murder
    Shohei Imamura1964150 min35mm
  • Io Island
    Kim Ki-young1977110 min
  • Seconds
    John Frankenheimer1966106 min35mm
  • Barking Dogs Never Bite
    Bong Joon-ho2000110 min35mm
  • Snowpiercer
    Bong Joon-ho2013126 min
  • The Wages of Fear
    Henri-Georges Clouzot1953131 min
  • Okja
    Bong Joon-ho2017120 min