Weekend Classics: May All Your Christmases Be Noir

January 26th 2017 - January 5th 2020

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Friday, October 18 - Sunday, January 5, 2020

In “May All Your Christmases Be Noir,” the theater’s ongoing “Weekend Classics” series explores the dark side of the season in 11:00am screenings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, October 18-January 5. Co-programmed by film critic Simon Abrams, the lineup opens with a 35mm print of Nicholas Ray’s lovers-on-the-run drama THEY LIVE BY NIGHT, screening October 18-20, and continues with a 35mm print of Robert Mongomery’s first-person detective tale LADY IN THE LAKE, October 25-27. A full schedule is below. “The recondite tradition of Christmas-themed film noir has been around since the umbrella genre’s heyday in the 1940s,” says Abrams, “and included films based on the work of classic hard-boiled crime fiction like Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane, and starred everybody from Robert Mitchum to Robert Downey Jr. This program highlights eight of our favorite Christmas Noirs, including recent gems like EYES WIDE SHUT and THE ICE HARVEST and ice-cold classics like BLAST OF SILENCE and MR. ARKADIN. Cash out 2019 in style with your favorite femme fatales and luckless gumshoes.” See our other Autumn 2019 weekend series at midnight, Late-Night Favorites and Spy Games.

Past Screenings

  • Eyes Wide Shut
    Stanley Kubrick1999159 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Thursday Jan 262:55pm7:25pm
      • Tuesday Jan 3112:20pm6:50pm
      • Friday Dec 1311:00am
      • Saturday Dec 1411:00am
      • Sunday Dec 1511:00am
      • Friday Dec 2011:45pm
      • Saturday Dec 2111:45pm
      • Friday Dec 2711:45pm
      • Saturday Dec 2811:45pm
  • The Thin Man
    W.S. Van Dyke193493 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Oct 1311:00am
      • Saturday Oct 1411:00am
      • Sunday Oct 1511:00am
      • Friday Nov 111:00am
      • Saturday Nov 211:00am
      • Sunday Nov 311:00am
  • Mr. Arkadin (a.k.a. Confidential Report)
    Orson Welles1955105 min35mm
    • IFC Center
      • Tuesday Oct 307:20pm
      • Friday Jan 311:00am
      • Saturday Jan 411:00am
      • Sunday Jan 511:00am
  • They Live By Night
    Nicholas Ray194995 min35mm
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Oct 1811:00am
      • Saturday Oct 1911:00am
      • Sunday Oct 2011:00am
  • Lady in the Lake
    Robert Montgomery1946105 min35mm
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Oct 2511:00am
      • Saturday Oct 2611:00am
      • Sunday Oct 2711:00am
  • The Ice Harvest
    Harold Ramis200592 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Nov 1511:00am
      • Saturday Nov 1611:00am
      • Sunday Nov 1711:00am
  • Blast of Silence
    Allen Baron196177 min35mm
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Nov 2211:00am
      • Saturday Nov 2311:00am
  • The Night of the Hunter
    Charles Laughton195592 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Wednesday Nov 2711:00am
      • Thursday Nov 2811:00am
      • Friday Nov 2911:00am
      • Saturday Nov 3011:00am
      • Sunday Dec 111:00am
      • Monday Dec 211:00am
      • Friday Dec 1312:10am
      • Saturday Dec 1412:10am