Abbas Kiarostami: A Retrospective

June 8th 2018 - August 15th 2019

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Friday, July 26 - Thursday, August 15, 2019

“Film begins with D. W. Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami.” – Jean-Luc Godard

The most comprehensive retrospective of the Iranian master (1940-2016) ever presented, this three-week program screens all of Kiarostami’s features, along with rare shorts and short features, almost all in new restorations. Highlights include the Koker Trilogy of Where Is the Friend’s House?, And Life Goes On and Through the Olive Trees — the films that brought him international renown — his Cannes-winning Taste of Cherry, and special guest speakers.


The 2K digital restoration of The Koker Trilogy was undertaken by the Criterion Collection from 4K scans of the 35mm original camera negatives. The remaining 2K and 4K restorations were undertaken by MK2 in collaboration with L’Immagine Ritrovata from 2K or 4K scans of the best available elements.

Film critic Godfrey Cheshire (pictured here alongside Kiarostami), who has written extensively about Iranian cinema, and Jamsheed Akrami, a scholar of Iranian cinema, film professor, critic and longtime friend of Kiarostami’s, will provide insight into the director’s work and his contribution to the country’s cinematic culture through a series of conversations.

National tour organized by Janus Films.

Past Screenings

  • Close-Up
    Abbas Kiarostami199098 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Jun 811:00am
      • Saturday Jun 911:00am
      • Sunday Jun 1011:00am
      • Sunday Jul 289:30pm
      • Tuesday Jul 305:10pm
      • Wednesday Jul 317:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 13:10pm
      • Monday Aug 52:40pm
      • Wednesday Aug 77:50pm
      • Saturday Aug 101:10pm
      • Monday Aug 121:05pm
      • Tuesday Aug 137:30pm
  • Where Is the Friend's House?
    Abbas Kiarostami198783 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Jul 2612:55pm7:10pm
      • Saturday Jul 273:00pm
      • Sunday Jul 2812:55pm
      • Monday Jul 2912:55pm2:45pm9:00pm
      • Saturday Aug 311:00am
      • Thursday Aug 85:30pm
      • Sunday Aug 1112:30pm
      • Tuesday Aug 139:35pm
      • Thursday Aug 1512:30pm
  • And Life Goes On
    Abbas Kiarostami199295 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Jul 262:45pm9:05pm
      • Saturday Jul 274:55pm
      • Sunday Jul 282:45pm
      • Tuesday Jul 3012:55pm3:00pm9:20pm
      • Saturday Aug 312:50pm
      • Thursday Aug 87:30pm
      • Sunday Aug 112:25pm
      • Wednesday Aug 149:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 152:20pm
  • Through the Olive Trees
    Abbas Kiarostami1994103 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Jul 264:50pm
      • Saturday Jul 277:10pm
      • Sunday Jul 284:55pm
      • Wednesday Jul 3112:55pm3:05pm9:55pm
      • Saturday Aug 32:55pm
      • Thursday Aug 89:35pm
      • Sunday Aug 114:35pm
      • Thursday Aug 154:30pm9:15pm
  • Taste of Cherry
    Abbas Kiarostami199799 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Jul 2712:55pm
      • Thursday Aug 15:20pm
      • Friday Aug 27:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 411:00am
      • Monday Aug 54:50pm
      • Wednesday Aug 712:55pm
      • Thursday Aug 83:20pm
      • Friday Aug 95:10pm
      • Monday Aug 127:20pm9:25pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1410:25am
  • The Wind Will Carry Us
    Abbas Kiarostami1999118 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Jul 279:55pm
      • Wednesday Jul 315:20pm
      • Friday Aug 212:55pm
      • Saturday Aug 37:40pm
      • Tuesday Aug 65:25pm
      • Wednesday Aug 75:25pm
      • Sunday Aug 118:50pm
      • Thursday Aug 1510:25am
  • The Report
    Abbas Kiarostami1977112 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Sunday Jul 287:10pm
      • Monday Aug 59:30pm
      • Thursday Aug 812:55pm
      • Saturday Aug 1011:00am
  • Certified Copy
    Abbas Kiarostami2011106 min35mm
    • IFC Center
      • Monday Jul 294:40pm
      • Thursday Aug 112:55pm9:15pm
      • Friday Aug 25:20pm
      • Sunday Aug 43:00pm
      • Wednesday Aug 73:05pm
      • Saturday Aug 109:15pm
  • First Graders
    Abbas Kiarostami198484 minDCP
  • Homework
    Abbas Kiarostami198986 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Tuesday Jul 307:25pm
      • Friday Aug 23:15pm
      • Tuesday Aug 610:10pm
      • Friday Aug 93:10pm
  • The Traveler
    Abbas Kiarostami197470 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Thursday Aug 17:35pm
      • Sunday Aug 49:50pm
      • Monday Aug 512:55pm
      • Sunday Aug 1111:00am
      • Wednesday Aug 147:00pm
  • Includes: "Bread and Alley" (1970); "The Chorus" (1982); "Orderly or Disorderly" (1981); "How to Make Use of Leisure Time: Painting" (1977); "The Colors" (1976); "Breaktime" (1972); "Take Me Home" (2016)
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Aug 29:55pm
      • Sunday Aug 41:00pm
      • Friday Aug 911:00am
  • Like Someone in Love
    Abbas Kiarostami2013105 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Aug 310:00pm
      • Tuesday Aug 612:55pm
      • Friday Aug 912:50pm
      • Tuesday Aug 1312:30pm
  • Screening "Case No. 1, Case No. 2" entirely, plus discussion with critic Godfrey Cheshire.
  • Includes: "Toothache" (1980); "Solution" (1978); "Tribute to the Teachers" (1977); "Two Solutions for One Problem" (1975); "So Can I" (1975); "Roads of Kiarostami" (2005)
    • IFC Center
      • Sunday Aug 47:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 63:15pm
      • Monday Aug 1211:00am
  • Includes: "Fellow Citizen" (1983) and "Experience" (1973)
  • Includes: "Case No. 1, Case No. 2" (1979) and "A Wedding Suit" (1976)
    • IFC Center
      • Tuesday Aug 67:50pm
      • Wednesday Aug 710:00pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1412:45pm
  • 24 Frames
    Abbas Kiarostami2017114 minDCP
  • Shirin
    Abbas Kiarostami200892 minDCP
  • 10 on Ten
    Abbas Kiarostami200488 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Aug 105:25pm
      • Wednesday Aug 143:05pm
  • Ten
    Abbas Kiarostami200294 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Aug 103:20pm
      • Monday Aug 125:10pm
  • Five Dedicated to Ozu
    Abbas Kiarostami200374 minDCP
    • IFC Center
      • Saturday Aug 107:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 145:05pm
  • ABC Africa
    Abbas Kiarostami200183 minDCP