Weekend Classics: Summer Staff Picks 2019

February 3rd 2017 - September 29th 2019

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This Summer, both Weekend Classics and Waverly Midnights will be a selection of films chosen by the many staff members who work at IFC Center. From July through September, catch a variety of staff picks, including 8 films on 35mm prints!

Past Screenings

  • Brazil
    Terry Gilliam1985132 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Sean S.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Feb 311:00am
      • Saturday Feb 411:00am
      • Sunday Feb 511:00am
      • Friday Jul 1211:00am11:55pm
      • Saturday Jul 1311:00am11:55pm
      • Sunday Jul 1411:00am
      • Friday Jul 1911:15pm
      • Saturday Jul 2011:15pm
      • Friday Jul 2611:45pm
      • Saturday Jul 2711:45pm
  • Ed Wood
    Tim Burton1994124 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Matt.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Jul 2612:05am11:00am
      • Saturday Jul 2712:05am11:00am
      • Sunday Jul 2811:00am
  • Elevator to the Gallows
    Louis Malle195792 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Caroline K.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Aug 911:00am
      • Saturday Aug 1011:00am
      • Sunday Aug 1111:00am
  • Red Desert
    Michelangelo Antonioni1964117m min35mm
    Staff Pick chosen by Griff.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Aug 2311:00am
      • Saturday Aug 2411:00am
      • Sunday Aug 2511:00am
  • King Kong
    Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack1933100 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Joe.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Aug 3011:00am
      • Saturday Aug 3111:00am
      • Sunday Sep 111:00am
      • Monday Sep 211:00am
  • Higher Learning
    John Singleton1995127 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Kashif and Marilyn.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Sep 611:00am
      • Saturday Sep 711:00am
      • Sunday Sep 811:00am
  • Labyrinth
    Jim Henson1986101 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Sean R.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Sep 1312:05am11:00am
      • Saturday Sep 1412:05am11:00am
      • Sunday Sep 1511:00am
  • The Hunger
    Tony Scott198397 minDCP
    Staff Pick chosen by Todd.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Sep 2012:20am11:00am
      • Saturday Sep 2112:20am11:00am
      • Sunday Sep 2211:00am
  • Black Book
    Paul Verhoeven2006145 min35mm
    Staff Pick chosen by Carlos.
    • IFC Center
      • Friday Sep 2711:00am
      • Saturday Sep 2811:00am
      • Sunday Sep 2911:00am