Burt Lancaster

July 19th 2019 - August 15th 2019

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A street kid from East Harlem, Burt Lancaster (1913-1994), after a stint as a circus acrobat, got a late start in pictures – but his star personality, among the most powerful in film history, was there from the beginning: from the doom-laden twisted hunks in films noir; to the grinning hot dogs in spoof adventure films; to the sleaziest of con men, Nazi collaborators, and tabloid columnists; to stalwart leaders of men; to idealistic fanatics; to a supremely dignified icon of another age.

“His vitality was more than cheerfulness or strength; he seemed charged with power…
One of the great stars. Maybe the last.”
– David Thomson

Past Screenings

  • The Killers
    Robert Siodmak194695 minDCP
    New 4K Restoration
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jul 1912:30pm2:35pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Saturday Jul 2012:30pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Sunday Jul 2112:30pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Monday Jul 2212:30pm4:40pm9:10pm
      • Tuesday Jul 2312:30pm2:35pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Wednesday Jul 2412:30pm2:35pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Thursday Jul 2512:30pm2:35pm4:40pm7:00pm9:10pm
      • Friday Jul 2612:30pm7:00pm
      • Saturday Jul 2712:30pm7:00pm
      • Sunday Jul 2812:30pm7:00pm
      • Monday Jul 2912:30pm7:00pm
      • Tuesday Jul 3012:30pm7:00pm
      • Wednesday Jul 3112:30pm7:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 112:30pm7:00pm
      • Friday Aug 29:10pm
      • Saturday Aug 39:10pm
      • Sunday Aug 49:10pm
      • Monday Aug 59:10pm
      • Tuesday Aug 69:10pm
      • Wednesday Aug 79:10pm
      • Thursday Aug 89:10pm
  • Sweet Smell of Success
    Alexander Mackendrick195796 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jul 2612:30pm4:50pm9:10pm
      • Saturday Jul 272:15pm6:00pm9:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 19:45pm
      • Friday Aug 23:00pm
      • Saturday Aug 33:00pm
      • Sunday Aug 43:00pm
      • Monday Aug 53:00pm
      • Tuesday Aug 63:00pm
      • Wednesday Aug 73:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 83:00pm
  • From Here to Eternity
    Fred Zinnemann1953118 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Jul 262:30pm6:50pm
      • Sunday Jul 2812:30pm
      • Sunday Aug 412:30pm
      • Monday Aug 512:30pm
      • Tuesday Aug 612:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 712:30pm
      • Thursday Aug 812:30pm
  • Criss Cross
    Robert Siodmak194984 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Saturday Jul 2712:30pm4:15pm8:00pm
      • Sunday Jul 286:35pm
      • Tuesday Jul 3010:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 812:30pm5:10pm
      • Thursday Aug 151:00pm
  • The Leopard
    Luchino Visconti1963185 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Jul 282:50pm8:20pm
      • Wednesday Jul 312:35pm
      • Friday Aug 25:45pm
      • Saturday Aug 35:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 45:45pm
      • Monday Aug 55:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 65:45pm
      • Wednesday Aug 75:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 85:45pm
  • All My Sons
    Irving Reis194894 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with SORRY, WRONG NUMBER
  • Sorry, Wrong Number
    Anatole Litvak194889 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with ALL MY SONS
  • The Crimson Pirate
    Robert Siodmak1952105 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with THE FLAME AND ARROW
  • The Flame and the Arrow
    Jacques Tourneur195088 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with THE CRIMSON PIRATE
  • A Child is Waiting
    John Cassavetes1963102 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Wednesday Jul 316:20pm
      • Thursday Aug 112:30pm
      • Friday Aug 92:50pm
  • Atlantic City
    Louis Malle1980104 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Wednesday Jul 3112:30pm8:20pm
      • Friday Aug 212:30pm
  • The Swimmer
    Frank Perry196895 minDCP
    • Film Forum
      • Thursday Aug 15:10pm
      • Saturday Aug 312:30pm8:30pm
      • Tuesday Aug 68:40pm
      • Thursday Aug 89:35pm
      • Sunday Aug 119:35pm
  • The Train
    John Frankenheimer1964133 min35mm
  • Trapeze
    Carol Reed1956105 min35mm
  • Local Hero
    Bill Forsyth1983111 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Aug 22:35pm7:00pm
      • Saturday Aug 32:30pm6:40pm
  • The Professionals
    Richard Brooks1966117 minDCP
  • Brute Force
    Jules Dassin194798 min35mm
  • Judgement At Nuremburg
    Stanley Kramer1961186 min35mm
  • Birdman of Alcatraz
    John Frankenheimer1962147 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Aug 46:00pm
      • Tuesday Aug 612:30pm
      • Saturday Aug 102:50pm7:55pm
  • Vera Cruz
    Robert Aldrich195494 minDCP
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with APACHE
  • Apache
    Robert Aldrich195491 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with VERA CRUZ
  • I Walk Alone
    Byron Haskin194797 minDCP
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with DESERT FURY
  • Desert Fury
    Lewis Allen194796 min35mm
    Double Feature: 2-for-1 with I WALK ALONE
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
    John Sturges1957122 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Thursday Aug 82:50pm
      • Friday Aug 99:35pm
      • Saturday Aug 1012:30pm
  • Ulzana's Raid
    Robert Aldrich1972103 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Thursday Aug 87:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1412:30pm
  • The Rose Tattoo
    Daniel Mann1955117 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Friday Aug 912:30pm
      • Thursday Aug 156:00pm
  • Seven Days in May
    John Frankenheimer1964118 min35mm
  • Run Silent, Run Deep
    Robert Wise195693 min35mm
  • Elmer Gantry
    Richard Brooks1960146 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Aug 112:30pm
      • Monday Aug 122:10pm6:35pm
      • Thursday Aug 152:45pm
  • The Scalphunters
    Sidney Pollack1968103 min35mm
  • Conversation Piece
    Luchino Visconti1977121 min35mm
    • Film Forum
      • Sunday Aug 117:15pm
      • Thursday Aug 158:15pm
  • Kiss The Blood Off My Hands
    Norman Foster194879 min35mm
  • The Gypsy Moths
    John Frankenheimer1969107 min35mm
  • The Young Savages
    John Frankenheimer1961103 min35mm
  • The Unforgiven
    John Huston1960125 min35mm
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming
    Robert Aldrich1977146 minHDCAM