50th Mixtape: Free Double Features

November 9th 2016 - September 11th 2019

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It’s our golden anniversary, and as a special gift to our audiences—and all New York movie lovers—we’ve put together a free summer playlist. From June to September, Film at Lincoln Center will continue to celebrate its semi-centennial with a series of double features presented free of charge. We have handpicked 20 films—a combination of our all-time and recent favorites—to be screened across 10 Thursdays, culminating on September 11 with a final selection to be decided by a public vote. Our “mixtape” zigzags across recent film history, pairing titles in a way that speaks to cinema’s diversity of expression, and includes important premieres and acclaimed films from our most popular year-round festivals, series, and new releases. As these selections illustrate, we plan to extend our commitment to introducing New York audiences to cinema’s most vital and innovative voices—past, present, and future.

June 27 – Cléo from 5 to 7 (6pm) and The Portrait of a Lady (9pm)
July 11 – Two English Girls (6pm) and Mulholland Dr. (8:45pm)
July 18 – Come Drink with Me (6pm) and The Assassin (8pm)
July 25 – The Leopard (6pm) and Happy as Lazzaro (9:30pm)
August 1 – Stalker (6pm) and High Life (9:15pm)
August 8 – School Daze (6pm) and Sorry to Bother You (8:30pm)
August 15 – Nocturama (6pm) and Burning (8:45pm)
August 22 – demonlover (6pm) and Elle (8:45pm)
August 29 – Velvet Goldmine (6pm) and Her Smell (8:30pm)
September 5 – Three Times (6pm) and Moonlight (8:30pm)
September 11 – Audience Choice! (Voting to launch June 27.)

Please note you are welcome to attend either both or just one screening in the double feature. If you are interested in attending, please register at the respective film page(s) starting June 14 so we can monitor capacity. Free tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis starting one hour prior to each screening. Limit one ticket per person, subject to availability.

Organized by Florence Almozini and Tyler Wilson.

Special thanks to A24, Gunpowder & Sky, Netflix, and United Artists Releasing for their generous support of Film at Lincoln Center’s 50th Mixtape series.

American Genre Film Archive

Past Screenings

  • Elle
    Paul Verhoeven2016131 minDCP
  • Moonlight
    Barry Jenkins2016110 min
  • Three Times
    Hou Hsiao-Hsien2005139 min35mm
  • Nocturama
    Bertrand Bonello2016130 min
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Saturday Mar 46:15pm
      • Sunday Mar 59:00pm
      • Friday Aug 1112:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Saturday Aug 1212:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 1312:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Monday Aug 1412:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 1512:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Wednesday Aug 1612:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 1712:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Friday Aug 1812:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Saturday Aug 1912:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Sunday Aug 2012:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Monday Aug 2112:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Tuesday Aug 2212:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Wednesday Aug 2312:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Thursday Aug 2412:30pm3:15pm6:00pm8:45pm
      • Friday Aug 251:30pm6:15pm
      • Saturday Aug 261:30pm6:15pm
      • Sunday Aug 271:30pm6:15pm
      • Monday Aug 281:30pm6:15pm
      • Tuesday Aug 291:30pm6:15pm
      • Wednesday Aug 301:30pm6:15pm
      • Thursday Aug 311:30pm6:15pm
      • Friday Sep 11:30pm6:15pm
      • Saturday Sep 21:30pm6:15pm
      • Sunday Sep 31:30pm6:15pm
      • Monday Sep 41:30pm6:15pm
      • Tuesday Sep 51:30pm6:15pm
      • Wednesday Sep 61:30pm6:15pm
      • Thursday Sep 71:30pm6:15pm
      • Thursday Aug 156:00pm
  • Two English Girls
    François Truffaut1971130 min35mm
  • Stalker
    Andrei Tarkovsky1979163 minDCP
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Friday May 51:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Saturday May 61:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Sunday May 71:30pm4:45pm7:45pm
      • Monday May 81:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Tuesday May 91:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Wednesday May 101:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Thursday May 111:00pm4:15pm7:30pm
      • Saturday May 132:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Sunday May 142:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Monday May 152:30pm9:15pm
      • Tuesday May 162:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Wednesday May 172:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Thursday May 182:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Monday May 222:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Tuesday May 232:30pm6:00pm9:15pm
      • Thursday Aug 16:00pm
  • The Leopard
    Luchino Visconti1963186 min
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Friday Jun 156:00pm
      • Sunday Jun 171:00pm
      • Tuesday Jul 177:00pm
      • Thursday Jul 193:00pm
      • Friday Aug 103:30pm7:30pm
      • Saturday Aug 1112:30pm7:30pm
      • Sunday Aug 1212:30pm7:30pm
      • Monday Aug 133:30pm7:30pm
      • Tuesday Aug 143:30pm7:30pm
      • Wednesday Aug 153:30pm7:30pm
      • Thursday Jul 256:00pm
  • Velvet Goldmine
    Todd Haynes1998124 min35mm
  • Her Smell
    Alex Ross Perry2018134 min
  • High Life
    Claire Denis2018110 min
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Tuesday Oct 29:00pm
      • Thursday Oct 49:15pm
      • Friday Apr 261:00pm6:00pm
      • Saturday Apr 276:00pm
      • Sunday Apr 281:00pm6:00pm
      • Monday Apr 291:00pm3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
      • Tuesday Apr 301:00pm3:30pm6:00pm8:30pm
      • Wednesday May 11:00pm6:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 19:15pm
  • Burning
    Lee Chang-dong2018148 min
    • Film at Lincoln Center
      • Wednesday Oct 36:00pm
      • Thursday Oct 46:00pm
      • Friday Oct 263:00pm7:30pm
      • Saturday Oct 2712:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Sunday Oct 2812:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Monday Oct 2912:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Oct 3012:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Oct 3112:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 112:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 212:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Saturday Nov 312:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Sunday Nov 412:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Monday Nov 512:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Nov 612:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Nov 712:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 812:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 912:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Saturday Nov 1012:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Sunday Nov 1112:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Monday Nov 1212:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Nov 1312:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Nov 1412:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 1512:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 1612:30pm3:15pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Saturday Nov 1712:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Sunday Nov 1812:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Monday Nov 1912:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Nov 2012:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Nov 2112:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 2212:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 2312:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Saturday Nov 243:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Sunday Nov 2512:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Monday Nov 263:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Tuesday Nov 2712:00pm3:00pm9:00pm
      • Wednesday Nov 2812:00pm3:00pm6:00pm9:00pm
      • Thursday Nov 2912:00pm3:00pm9:00pm
      • Friday Nov 3012:30pm6:00pm
      • Saturday Dec 112:30pm6:00pm
      • Sunday Dec 212:30pm6:00pm
      • Monday Dec 312:30pm
      • Tuesday Dec 412:30pm6:00pm
      • Wednesday Dec 512:30pm
      • Thursday Dec 612:30pm6:00pm
      • Friday Dec 73:00pm8:00pm
      • Saturday Dec 83:00pm8:00pm
      • Sunday Dec 93:00pm8:00pm
      • Monday Dec 103:00pm
      • Tuesday Dec 113:00pm8:00pm
      • Wednesday Dec 123:00pm8:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 133:00pm8:00pm
      • Friday Dec 1412:00pm6:00pm
      • Saturday Dec 1512:00pm6:00pm
      • Sunday Dec 1612:00pm6:00pm
      • Monday Dec 1712:00pm
      • Tuesday Dec 1812:00pm6:00pm
      • Wednesday Dec 1912:00pm
      • Thursday Dec 2012:00pm
      • Thursday Aug 158:45pm
  • Happy as Lazzaro
    Alice Rohrwacher2018128 min
  • Cleo from 5 to 7
    Agnès Varda196289 min
  • The Portrait of a Lady
    Jane Campion1996144 min35mm
  • Mulholland Dr.
    David Lynch2001147 min35mm
  • Come Drink with Me
    King Hu196695 min35mm
  • The Assassin
    Hou Hsiao-Hsien2015105 min
  • demonlover
    Olivier Assayas2002129 min35mm
  • Cries and Whispers
    Ingmar Bergman197291 min
  • Esther Kahn
    Arnaud Desplechin2019162 min35mm