Kay Francis: The Queen of Pleasure

September 15th 2017 - February 3rd 2019

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"A top box-office attraction in the 1930s and an idiosyncratic and can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her screen presence, Kay Francis was undisputed royalty on the Warner Bros. lot. Oklahoma born, Francis was a tall, striking, raven-tressed beauty, an infamous clotheshorse onscreen, and a verifiable superstar whose face decorated scores of gushing fan magazines. Privately, her life was far more risqué than the Pre-Code vehicles that established her fame, including comedies like Trouble in Paradise and Jewel Robbery (opposite frequent partner William Powell), or melodramas like The Virtuous Sin. Even at the height of her popularity, Francis’s magnetism was never without a tincture of melancholy. She was oft-quoted to say that she couldn’t wait to be forgotten—and indeed her stardom would dim by the end of the ‘30s—but no performer so bewitching in love, laughter, and tears could ever really disappear, and so Metrograph is pleased to reintroduce a new generation to the woman who, in imitation of her charming speech impediment, was sometimes called the 'Wavishing Kay Fwancis.'"—Metrograph

Past Screenings

  • Trouble in Paradise
    Ernst Lubitsch193283 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Sep 159:15pm
      • Sunday Sep 172:45pm
      • Saturday Dec 291:15pm
      • Sunday Dec 303:15pm
      • Monday Dec 318:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 17:30pm
      • Thursday Jan 37:15pm
      • Sunday Jan 132:45pm
      • Friday Jan 187:45pm
      • Saturday Jan 191:00pm
      • Sunday Jan 202:45pm
  • Girls About Town
    George Cukor193180 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Jan 114:15pm
      • Saturday Jan 122:45pm
      • Thursday Jan 176:45pm
  • Cynara
    King Vidor193275 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Saturday Jan 121:00pm
      • Tuesday Jan 155:15pm
  • The Virtuous Sin
    George Cukor and Louis Gasnier193280 min35mm
  • Let's Go Native
    Leo McCarey193077 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Jan 186:00pm
      • Saturday Jan 193:00pm
      • Sunday Jan 201:00pm
  • Jewel Robbery
    William Dieterle193268 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Friday Jan 257:00pm
      • Sunday Jan 271:00pm
      • Monday Jan 289:00pm
  • The Cocoanuts
    Robert Florey and Joseph Santley192996 min35mm
    • Metrograph
      • Saturday Jan 261:00pm
      • Sunday Jan 272:30pm
  • Transgression
    Herbert Brenon193170 min16mm